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PLEASE DO TOUCH solo exhibition, United Nations, New York


Please Do Touch Project

The Please Do Touch series of installations make a connection between art, social and environmental topics and disability. The installations are part of the Taking Action! project that Yaniv Janson launched 5 years ago. Yaniv was invited by MFAT to present this collection at the United Nations.

The installations focus on high priority themes which address the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Yaniv is working on creating new art for this exhibition and plans to travel in New Zealand to consult with the disability community and so be able to integrate their ideas into his work. This would make this project the first collective one of its kind. 

Art can facilitate the complex understanding between humankind and its environment through alternative languages involving all our senses. Please Do Touch installations make use of visual, body, oral and kinetic languages to speak to the variety of human experiences - to collaborate and work on humanity’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“Working towards crucial environmental goals allows Yaniv to give back to his community by proving that disability is not a barrier to achieving and sharing a social message with others” – Bernadette Grosyeux, Presidente, Eg’Art, Paris, France

"Janson’s animation on the website of the New Zealand Human Rights Commission [hrc.co.nz/yaniv-janson/impact] and his books featuring art, social change and education illustrate the concepts inspiring his work with international organisations such as the UNESCO and Apple".

Proposed Installations: The Please Do Touch exhibition advocates for increased access to the arts for people with a disability. Conversely, this series of installations shows how the disability sector can contribute to the community as a whole, by facilitating sensory art experiences to all community members whilst addressing our core present and future challenges. The purpose of inviting the audience to interact with the art by touching and listening to it is to engage with the topic on as many levels as possible. The installations unpack the following 5 Sustainable Development Goals. The installations will travel to Montenegro in October 2017 and later to the UNESCO in Paris. Creative New Zealand is gratefully acknowledged for the grant received for this project.  

Sample image for the works done for Goal 14 - Life Below Water, and the vital role that conservation plays in supporting our fragile ecosystems. 

Please Do Touch SDG 14 Diptych a Life Below Water Yaniv Janson Acrylic on canvas 160 X 120cm.jpg

Please do Touch