Over the past decade, Yaniv has reimagined his powerful artwork into engaging books that serve as a teaching resource nationally and globally. Each book uses art as a pathway to raise awareness about deep societal and environmental issues. The books can be found accompanying Yaniv’s exhibitions, where visitors can see his collection in print.

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please do touch

The Please Do Touch series of installations make a connection between art, social and environmental topics and disability. The installations are part of the Taking Action! project that Yaniv Janson launched 5 years ago. The installations focus on high priority themes which address the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Changing the World: One Painting at a time

A visual representation of Yaniv’s perception of the world with some of his thoughts on environmental concerns. The book also includes a teacher sequel with pointers on how to develop key competencies with students affected by communicative disabilities via the art medium.

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A collection of classic Yaniv pieces. Yaniv is a notable artist not only because of his ability to showcase color on the canvas, but because of his powerful message of hope to ‘special needs’ artists and their families.

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Since the Beginning

A look into the ‘Rich and Middle Class and Poor’ series, which explores the housing and lifestyle differences determined by financial status.