Over the past decade, Yaniv has reimagined his powerful artwork into engaging books that serve as a teaching resource nationally and globally. Each book uses art as a pathway to raise awareness about deep societal and environmental issues. The books can be found accompanying Yaniv’s exhibitions, where visitors can see his collection in print.

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My Sustainable Goals Journal (2018)

Fresh from exhibiting his Please Do Touch’ exhibition internationally, Yaniv is shifting his focus to engaging a younger demographic through an imaginative interactive book of his Please Do Touch exhibition. Working in partnership with Te Uku School, a forward thinking elementary school near Raglan, Yaniv has designed a workbook that encourages students to explore their creative outlets with a focus on their personal relationship to the environment. His with or without approach is a strategy that can teach children and inspire action because of its simplicity.

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please do touch


The Please Do Touch series of installations make a connection between art, social and environmental topics and disability. The installations are part of the Taking Action! project that Yaniv Janson launched 5 years ago. The installations focus on high priority themes which address the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Rich, middle class, and poor


Have you ever thought that our world in mostly composed of water ? If we look all around us, the most common hue is the blue: the sky, the lakes and the oceans are Therefore, humans have to live on a fraction of the earth and this is the reason why we see inequalities between people .

I really enjoy traveling to new areas because that makes me understand more of our world and the society in which we live. By exploring and discovering new places, I’m able to transform what I see or what I imagine in paintings. Everybody sees the world differently but and through my paintings people are able to look our world in a unique way, my perspective. Through my paintings, I share messages, decrying what the trends in society: The inequalities and the creation of the distinct social strata. Indeed, society doesn’t give the same chance to everybody and some don't succeed in making their voices heard. Finally, my paintings highlight the inequities in the prevalence of poor, middle and rich classes around the world

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Beehives Hidden in trees (2014)

Paintings for and to the bees. Bees are one of the most important species for the integrity of the environment - they’re also threatened by global climate change, industrialization and human influence. Yaniv Janson has a acute awareness of the collapse of bees colonies with unique visual acuity around bees and their environs.

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Changing the World: One Painting at a time


A visual representation of Yaniv’s perception of the world with some of his thoughts on environmental concerns. The book also includes a teacher sequel with pointers on how to develop key competencies with students affected by communicative disabilities via the art medium.

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A collection of classic Yaniv pieces. Yaniv is a notable artist not only because of his ability to showcase color on the canvas, but because of his powerful message of hope to ‘special needs’ artists and their families.

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My first decade of paintings

A review of a decade of Yaniv Janson’s work - appreciating and noticing changes in style. As the environment changes, so does Yaniv’s work. This book serves as a testament to the ever-thinking artists mind.