Over the past decade, Yaniv has created a broad range of works expressing his creativity and unique view of the world. As each year passes, the way he sees the world changes - his art is a reflection of the evolution of his talent and mindset.

These pieces have found their way into international galleries, family homes, offices and art collections.

Pieces available for purchase can be viewed here.

2016 - 2018 - Rich, Poor and Middle Class

A series that asks viewers to look at how people feel about their living conditions and what options are realistically available to ensure society has adequate housing.

2012 TO 2014 - Beehives Collection

A series that features water and beehives, with a focus on bee conservation. Add more details from book.

2009 TO 2015 - Various works commissioned, created and sold

2012 - Minds Eye Collection: New Zealand Landscapes - inspired by Raglan

2011 - Eg Art Paintings sent to Paris, France - picked by association to exhibit Yaniv’s work

2011 - Works sent to Paris, France - most - Galerie Celal -

2011 - Stanstead Canada Exhibition at Galerie Vieux Forgeron 

2011 -  New Zealand Clean Energy Centre Banner Works

2010 TO 2011 - Turbulent Times Collection

2008 TO 2011 - Various Designs and Abstracts

2009 -  Seas Rising (Part of the Climate Change Collection)

2009 - Man Made Disasters (Part of the Climate Change Collection)

2009 - Urban Landscapes, Climate Change Prints (Part of the Climate Change Collection)

2009 - Houses in the Weather (Part of the Climate Change Collection)

2009 - Changing Colours of Landscape (Part of the Climate Change Collection)

2008 TO 2010 - Monoprints Collection

2008 - Natural Worlds Collection